Why bother Buying Private Blog Network Back Links?

Why I believe everyone should buy private blog network links!

White hat SEOs call these links "guest posts", I say they are essentially the same thing, or at least they are trying to accomplish the same end. Which is to build links back to your site to improve your organic search engine ranking.

Today I wanted to speak with you about PBN links and why I believe everyone should buy them. Shameless plug here, I believe you should buy PBN links because I am promoting them as well as other SEO related services.

In the meantime I would like to ask those of you who are anti private blog network link a question. Are you afraid of using PBN links because they might get your site penalized? Is it because you're not sure what a private blog network link is?

Is it because you heard from somebody that PBN links will absolutely get your website not only penalized but deindexed by Google? Are you afraid that if your website did get penalized then you would not be able to recover your website, or get your site to rebound to it's former search engine position?

Private blog networks or private link networks have been used for years by people in the know or insiders if you will. I remember going to a local SEO Meetup event one time where the host actually admitted they had their own network. It's not like it was that big of a shock or unexpected revelation. It was really nice to hear someone actually be candid and open about what they were doing.

What do you fear more? Having your site penalized or drowning in anonymity?

In my opinion, a well taken care of or quality PBN link is going to be one of the best links you can buy, if you're into that sort of thing, wink wink. When I say well taken care of PBN I mean the site your link is on actually gets traffic, uses quality, original content, has social signals, is using unique IP addresses, uses Encapsula or Cloudflare. All of the most obvious things that you should expect from any caring webmaster.

I'm sure not all PBN links meet these strict guidelines, but then again neither does every other link you’re trying to acquire and point at your website. People still have this misconception that all links help. That may or may not be true but contextual links rule.

The day PBNs stop working will be the same day guest posting stops working! Ask yourself this about some other available links. If you were Google, why would you give a website credit for an orphaned link? In other words, let’s say you put a profile link on a DA 100 website because, duh it's a DA 100 site, and you automatically think that link is going to be beneficial, right?

I would encourage you to stop and consider this, it’s unlikely that anyone will ever visit that page except for you or your SEO, no one is ever going to link to that page except you or your SEO and in general no one is going to care your link is there, especially Google.

When you stop and think about all the back links that Google now ignores, it's pretty obvious why they ignore them. If quality links matter to you then quality PBN links are the way to go, hands down!

Do you think Google is going to penalize your website for having links from web two point oh properties? I think some people are way too uptight about PBN links and they just need to accept the fact that PBN links are necessary to rank in high competition niches. That’s just the way things are. You don’t have to like it, agree with it or even use PBN links. You are more than welcome to stand on your morale, white hat high ground and say you will never buy, use or condone PBN links. Fine, stand on your soap box and don’t buy PBN links..

Enjoy your internet anonymity while I’m on the first page making money. Do PBN links guarantee that you will rank? Absolutely NOT! In this day and age there is nothing that guarantees your website will rank except for Google Adwords, and that’s exactly how Google likes it.

The morale of this story really is you. You don’t have to buy PBN links or any links for that matter but you may just be waving the surrender flag on your organic search rankings and embracing your internet anonymity. Either way, I just don’t think we should be so closed minded about the use and effectiveness of PBN links.

One final note. You may be thinking, well what happens if the PBN gets taken out and I lose the link juice I had coming from that site? It would be just like any other link being removed, you replace it.

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