An online business can be a very lucrative endeavor.  However the relationship between a business and their customers
is also a very fragile thing.  Business relationships are based on trust and the expectation that you as a business
will be around to fulfill your customers’ future needs.  I work in the challenge coin industry and the relationships
I share with my customers are very important.  These relationships are not to be taken lightly and are paramount for short
and long term success.  Prospective customers approach us with an idea or concept for a challenge coin design, they become our customer
by placing their order and we make their coins.  Our business relationship doesn’t stop with just one purchase.  Our customers expect us
to retain the mould or coin die for their coin designs well into the future in case they return wanting to reorder their custom coins.
Eventually customers return to a vendor expecting to receive the same quality challenge coins and prompt delivery they received in the past.

What happens if that business accepts your order, takes your money and promptly stops answering your phone calls and emails?
The business’ reputation is damaged and the relationship they had with their customer is obliterated.

Do yourself a favor and create challenge coins with a business that has been steadily building
customer relationships since 2006.  Manufacture your custom coins with SpartanCoins.com, we make coins that are every bit as good
if not better than our competitors and as a bonus we will even answer your phone calls and emails.

Remember Spartan Coins dot com, because we’re just superior to our competition!

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Quality Challenge Coins

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Happy 2013.

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