Website Traffic

Website traffic is king no matter what niche your site is in. Without traffic your site will drown in anonymity.
Putting a website online is just the first step in the pursuit of your target market. You need to know
how to market your new website effectively. You can learn how to market your website from your
competitors if you're savvy enough to know where to look.

Effective website marketing begins with quality keyword research. Do you know what
keywords your customers are using to search for your product or service?
You better find out if you don't know. Keywords are the essential ingredient for any
and all internet marketing strategies.

Website traffic comes in many forms. You can get traffic through image, non image organic
search results, links, banner advertising campaigns or standard pay per click advertising.

Image traffic is okay but it's not very effective in terms of sales numbers. Organic search
traffic is the best as it doesn't cost anything on a per click basis. Pay per click advertising
can be expensive, especially when customers have a short attention span and don't even think about
the fact that they just clicked on your ad five times. This option can get very expensive in a hurry
depending on what the cost per click is.

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Page updated: 1/7/2015